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Callus Peel

callus peel before_after 3
  • Softens hard calluses quickly
  • Scrape and file them away.
  • Leaves clean and soft skin


A busy and active lifestyle can lead to a build up of hard skin and calluses on the foot, making this part of our body uncomfortable and unsightly. Our special Callus Peel product will leave feet soft and feeling rejuvenated. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas, allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly. This is a 15 minute, four step system gives results that you can see right away. The whole treatment will take no longer than 30 minutes and then you will see the amazing difference Callus Peel can make. You will love it, sandal ready feet in no time!

Single treatment (one patch per foot) £18.00
To add another patch to each foot it’s an extra £2.50 per foot
As part of a pedicure £15.00
Course of 3 treatments (one patch per foot) £47.00
Callus Peel Moisturiser £5.00